Friends reno seems to be haunted

My friend (along with another friend and her father) recently moved into a duplex owned by a family member. Deal was they pay minimal rent if theg fixed the place up. I have not been to this place but my understanding it was pretty bare bones and theyre now getting to putting up drywall.

This is the second night in a row their table fan fell off the table while everyone was in bed. Tonight it landed as if it had been placed on the chair next to the table.

Important information: They do not have any pets, The table is across the room so is not being bumped, The fan was placed in the center of the table with atleast 3" of table on all sides, The fan was plugged in and on facing the bed, The fan does not seem to be damaged and does not vibrate or shake, All household members were acounted for as in bed, No sign of pests or rodents in the house,

She really wants a non paranormal explanation but im not seeing any. Ideas or help would be greatly appreciated, just ask if more info is needed

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UFO Digest Editor Reports UFO Sighting(s) Over New York City

Photo composite image above rendered by Robert D. Morningstar showing the shape and relative size of the UFO as it passed by in flight. The Date was June 1st, 2019. The Time was 4:10 p.m and the weather was clear with 7-10 mile visibility. I am the Editor/Co-Publisher of UFO Digest and I’m writing to […]

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Just wanted to share my experience and see if anyone got anything similar happened

Hi I just found this subreddit and this is my first post so bare with me cause I'm new with reddit as a whole still lol there's going to be a huge wall of text below, just a heads up.

I want to start off by saying I'm very skeptical of paranormal activity as a whole from what I'd see or hear from others experience on TV or on the internet because it could all be replicated. Not saying I don't completely believe in it, just I want first hand experiences for myself. There has been a few things that has happened that I can't seem to really fully explain, it's nothing too crazy but I'd like to share anyway and hopefully you guys can share if something similar happened to you so I don't feel too alone and maybe find some sort of suggestions to what happened.

I'm pretty sure this happens to a lot of people: misplacing things that they just had a few seconds ago such as their phone, keys, etc. It happens. There was 1 moment that still bugs me to this day was I remember it was like the late 90s tuning in to some cartoon and just opened a family size bag of Doritos, I had to run to the bathroom. I vividly remember setting the bag down near where I was sitting on the floor, but it was gone when I came back a couple min later. My brothers was at work, my mom was cooking in the kitchen. I asked her and she said she didn't touch it and she been in the kitchen the whole time. I didn't believe her so I searched around the kitchen and didn't find nothing, back track to the bathroom and nothing. Check everyone bed rooms, nothing. My dad was outside tending his gardens so I went out and asked him and he said he haven't been back inside for a while. We didn't have any pets or guests at a time. It puzzles the crap outta me still from back then that I still remember it now because i was so upset that pretty much a new huge opened bag was just gone. Yeah it's a dumb silly story but it's just something i still never solved.

Around the same time in the late 90s in California, this weird thing would happen while I'm on my couch. I think it only happens 2-3 other times but it'd feel like my couch is being grab and shaken while I'm sitting on it when I'm home alone. I'm usually in the zone watching something when it happens, and I haven't experienced that until recently when I was reminded of it. Few months ago in Nebraska, I was just watching some Netflix until my couch started getting shook around. It happens like twice so far. I noticed nothing else shook when this weird phenomenon happens cause I had a drink that didn't react so it wasn't like it was a truck or an earthquake or anything and I wasn't dozing off when it happens either.

About 5 years ago, my mother in law pass away. I wasn't there when she pass away in the hospital but my wife said the moment she did, a false fire alarm triggered and they believe it was her letting em know she has left (she was known to play pranks). But what I wanted to say was that night, when me and my wife was trying to sleep, around midnight ish (sounds so stereotypical for things to happen at that time in stories also), we kept hearing a consistent tapping noise near her bedside. We lay there for about a min before we turns the lights on and it stopped. We concluded the sound either came from her drawers or the window behind it. There's no tree or bushes near our side of the house and there's nothing in or around the drawers for it to make the noise. We double check to make sure there wasn't anything though and check to see if anyone was outside. Nothing. We turn the lights off and hop back into bed. Less than a min later and that tapping noise continue consistent for about a couple min and stopped. We didn't say a word the whole time it happens and just kept our eyes closed and eventually fell asleep. Since that time, it had never happened ever again. She thought it was her mom saying her last good bye, and to this day she don't feel comfortable bringing up that story of the weird tapping noise.

Also lastly, one time laying on the couch a couple years back, I saw with the corner of my eyes, this weird humanoid figure slowly peek over behind a wall and I just ignoring it because I was watching a show and was thinking it was my imagination and notice it slowly move itself back behind the wall, which now freaks me out. I got up and check the house and there wasn't anyone. The weird thing about him was it was like his entire body was made of clay, or play doh. Didn't have an actual hair, or face. Just shaped like a roughly made orange play doh human silhouette. When my wife got home later that day, I was telling her about it when she interrupted and said she had a similar experiences, but it was in the bedroom. She said she saw a thing pop around the doorway and then pop back away and at the time I haven't told her it's description yet so I asked her to describe it and she said it was a beige color silhouette and she couldn't really make out what it's features was, it was hard to see and I said was it kinda like play doh clay ish and she said yeah!. I was like weird we saw almost the same thing at different days. She was pretty creep out but it kinda intrigued me more.

Well sorry bout the long wall of text. I tried to write it as accurate as what I remembered at the time. What do you guys think? Any similar experiences by anyone? Thanks

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Some said he was crude. Some said he was crazy. Some even said he was a prophet like Daniel or Ezekiel of the Bible. Others labeled him a phony or even an anarchist bent on exposing the government. Whatever people said about him, for one thing sure, he was a patriot for his country, America: […]

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A Shade of Blood by Bella Forrest

A Shade of Blood (A Shade of Vampire, #2)
Published: 8th April 2013
By: Self Published
Source: Purchased

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Back on the beach at Cancun, the same place they were both taken from months ago, Sofia and Ben aren’t ready to go home yet. And having missed it for so long, they find themselves trying to soak up as much sun as they can. Having been left with a large quantity of money, they book themselves into the villa they had been staying in previously. After a few days, they feel the time has come to call Ben’s parents. When they arrive, they don’t tell them where they were and when questioned by the police, they say they just ran away. They say nothing about where Ben got the scars all over his body from his torture at the hands of Claudia, and at Sofia’s request, there’s no mention of the vampires or The Shade.

Ben has a name and number for the hunters, given to him by a hunter who tried to save him on the island, but ended up being killed herself when they were caught. Knowing that his life will never be the same again, and having the need for vengeance and retribution, he plans to contact them. He tells Sofia that he’ll give her some time, but that then, with or without her, he’ll be making that call. He needs to take his revenge on the vampires, especially Claudia.

But Sofia can’t seem to forget Derek and The Shade, and when Ben wants to become more than friends, something that she herself had wanted for a long time, she finds that she can’t give herself wholly to him. Part of her still belongs to Derek.

And without Sofia there, the darkness is overtaking Derek. He’s a completely different character than the Derek we met in A Shade of Vampire, and it was interesting seeing this other side to him. But it was also nice to see the effect that Sofia had on him when she returned, to find him in a compromising position with Ashley.

Lucas is not in this book too much, though we do get his POV a couple of times. He’s on the run from Derek who will kill him for what he did to Sofia. But if he wasn’t obsessed with her before, having tasted her blood, he can’t stop thinking about her, and won’t rest until she is his.

Things are getting tough in the Shade. Derek is struggling to keep everyone under control and try to keep Sofia happy at the same time. The vampires are not happy that Sofia, a human slave, is being put before them. But Sofia is not happy with the way things are currently done. She wants the humans who live in the Shade to be treated better and not treated like slaves or food which is exactly how the vampires see them. Sofia has learned a lot about how things are run in the Shade and has read it’s history, and it doesn’t sit well with her. There are going to be tough times ahead, and revelations throughout this books make for what should be a really interesting third book in this series.

I’m also looking forward to learning more about the prophecy made by Cora, the witch, over four hundred years ago, and what it means to Derek and Sofia, and to the Shade. Derek seems to be going to have quite the fight on his hands if he’s going to manage to hold onto Sofia.

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La Malacosa — A Texas Legend of High Strangeness

The journey of Cabeza de Vaca
Texas weirdness stretches from the latest UFO sighting to the most ancient of enigmas. One obscure account in particular, from nearly five centuries ago, still causes heads to scratch even now. Just what exactly visited one local tribe in the 16th Century? Was it man, demon, or something more out of this world?

According to chronicles published in 1542, Spanish Conquistador Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca and his beleaguered retinue encountered Native Americans known as Avavares (a Caddoan people) living in South Texas who told him of a visit from a short, bearded entity they received 15 years prior to The Spaniard’s arrival in 1534 .

So vague was their impression of the being, the tribesmen weren’t sure if it was even a man, a woman, or what. Sometimes the stranger would attend the tribe’s ceremonies dressed as one of their men, and other times he wore women’s garments. It was as if he either didn’t know the distinction or simply didn’t care. While at these festivals, the interloper neither ate nor drank anything. When asked where he came from, the odd man would simply point enigmatically to a hole in the ground and simply respond “from down below.”

In Cabeza de Vaca’s account, the entity is referred to as La Malacosa, a Spanish compound word for “the bad thing.” It’s not clear if the Spanish translated a local term as La Malacosa or if this was simply how they described this seemingly monstrous entity. And his actions can indeed be described as such.

The Avavares recounted how La Malacosa would visit their homes at night brandishing a hot firebrand, grab whomever he wished, and slice their sides open. He would then reach into the gaping wound and excise a section of entrails that he would then toss into the fire. He then made three cuts in one of their arms and then another elsewhere. He then dislocated the victims arm before resetting it once more. Strangest of all, when La Malacosa placed his hands on their wounds, the closed immediately. The stranger was also prone to sending their dwellings high into the air and letting them crash to the ground.

The Spaniards didn’t believe this tale, brushing it all off as a folk legend. The tribal leader with whom they spoke though took them to others in the village who verified these events transpired just as described. Was La Malacosa a demon from the depths of hell or an alien from a subterranean base? Perhaps a time traveler? A traveler from elsewhere in the world who predated Spanish contact? Maybe La Malacosa was simply a strange encounter with an ordinary man that turned into a fantastic tale as it crossed barriers of language, culture, and time.

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