Remote Viewing for the Lay Person

One of the most fascinating aspects of Psychic ability is that of ‘Remote Viewing‘ although you do not have to be psychic to do this. In this article I have researched the origins of remote viewing and how it has been used in investigative work in the past. There are some key people involved in the use of remote viewing today and there have been some success stories.

What is Remote Viewing

The term remote viewing originated from the military as the ability to use extra sensory perception to view a set of events that have either happened, are happening or going to happen. The use of remote viewing was used to help gather intelligence and not many people knew that this was going on. It was only when a spokesman for the Central Intelligence Agency went public to say that a remote viewing program was being closed down that it became public knowledge.

Since then remote viewing went commercial and specialist companies were set up and some of the original remote viewers (psychics) were recruited. There is a rumor that the FBI have started using remote viewers again since the threat of terrorism has grown in America.

You do not have to be psychic to be a remote viewer because case studies have shown that skeptics used by the CIA and FBI as an experiment proved their ability. They were no longer skeptical after there was evidence that their remote viewing worked. There is a school of thought that we are all born with psychic ability and by tapping into our inner resources we can all acquire knowledge and skills used for remote viewing.

The lay people who were used by the military tended to be people who used the right hand side of the brain as this is the side where the psychic ability resides. This is the side of the brain that is used by writers, artists and musicians and of course psychics. It was thought that it was easier to train these people than Psychics who have their own way of doing things that may not work within their criteria.

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A great book for Amazon on remote viewing is Remote Viewing: The Complete User’s Manual for Coordinate Remote Viewing

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