UFO Sightings on Gold Coast

EAGLE-eyed Gold Coasters are looking to the sky after a series of UFO sightings over the weekend.

These close encounters of the first kind occurred in the skies above Varsity Lakes around 7.30pm on Sunday. Authorities have been left stumped.

There were no reports of unusual activity within local airspace. No reports were made to Gold Coast Airport, Airservices Australia or the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.


CASA was also unable to confirm if the lights may have been a drone.  It did however say that recreational drones were not meant to be airborne at night.

The Springbrook Mountain Extraterrestrial Response Force (SMERF) was also unable to shed any light on the matter. The founder Greg Kernaghan was interstate at the time.

Varsity Lakes’ Tarina Callanan said the appearance of lights above her home was out of this world.

“Its colour changed from green to yellow and finally to red and my housemate and I saw what looked like a plane going down and waited for news of a plane crash but nothing came,” she said.

“I went out back to have a smoke and looked up in the sky and the light appeared as bright as the evening star and flashed again before disappearing.

“I believe in UFOs and when seeing something like this you have to wonder what it could be while trying to rationalise it.”

Seeing a UFO is a close encounter of the first kind. Physical evidence lifts the rating to the second kind, while contact is a close encounter of the third kind.

The matter will now be looked into by UFO Research Queensland.

Group president Sheryl Gottschall said the encounter had much in common with other sightings.

“We have had a lot more reports of sightings across the state in the past few weeks, including one at Banora Point on the NSW border,” she said.

This article has been sourced from The Gold Coast Bulletin from September 8 ,2015 and was written by Andrew Potts.

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