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Well the trip to Central and South America is over. It was truly the trip of a lifetime. Despite a hectic timetable I was fortunate to be able to go to so many amazing places. Upon returning home, I needed time to be able to process, and make sense, of all the information and sights that were experienced. The places visited were Mexico, Colombia and Peru.


One of the surprising things about Mexico is that the Capital city actually floats on water. Mexico city was originally settled as a floating village by the Aztecs. It has grown so much that it actually covers the entire lake and more! The reason for this was primarily for defence by the water.

Just outside Mexico City the is a reserve call the floating Gardens. There is one area that I was very interest in. That was an area where there is a man living who lost his children a while ago. There are several dolls hanging on the trees, and it initially looked like something from a horror movie.

Day of the dead


To remember his family this mas has dolls hanging on trees around his house. During the ‘Day of the Dead’.This Holiday in Mexico is to an opportunity to remember and pay tribute to deceased loved ones.

The ‘El Día de los Muertos’ (day of the dead) is celebrated from the evening of 31 Oct. till Nov. 2. It comes from a

Day of the dead Dolls
Floating Gardens

number of National religious customs. The festival helps make the Aztec calendar sync with our year of 365 days. In the Aztec year there are 13 months of 20 days each. The five days around the beginning of November help bring the festival in line with Halloween in the US. This is far from gloomy and is used as a festive event to honour the departed.

Being from a different culture, it was actually amazing to me that this festival was about making death a happy experience. Maybe, we should turn our sorrow and sadness about someone dear to us dying, into a celebration of their life.

This is only part one of many parts to come!


The link in the text is to for information about the day of the dead.

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