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The Designed by Kate Tailor
(The Designed Series #1)

Publication date: January 26th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Science Fiction

What if the next new drug was you? Raleigh’s body produces a drug that could define the future of medicine if the dangerous world surrounding it doesn’t kill her first.

Eighteen-year old Raleigh Groves can sense disease in others and is suffering from her own unexplained illness as well. After years and dozens of doctor visits, she has given up hope of ever finding a cure, let alone a diagnosis. Then she meets a man who explains that her talent and curse are linked. Her body produces a drug, Lucidin, which allows her to sense others. She’s rare, and the drug she makes is coveted.

Rho has spent the last few years on the run. The Lucidin that is racing through his system makes him a target. Surrounded by addicts and dealers on one side and scientists and doctors on the other, he has to rely on his wits and his team to stay one step ahead. So far he has stayed afloat, but some of his brothers haven’t been as lucky.

As Rho and Raleigh collide they must face the perilous world of Lucidin together. Nothing is black-and-white and Raleigh must decide where her alliances lie. Sometimes the hardest heart to sense is your own.

Kate Tailor lives in Boulder, Colorado. She has a background in molecular biology and pharmacology. Writing has been a passion of hers since she was young.
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My Review
I have to say that this is one of the best books I have read in awhile. I was hooked right from the start. We start with Rho, and him trying to escape, we do not know why or anything, but we just feel we need to root for him. There is not alot with Rho, but enough to really like him.

Raliegh is the main focus of this book, and I really liked her too. I loved her strength, and how she didn’t take crap from anyone. I loved how her “problem” ended up making her very strong.

This book is a sci-fi with a touch of the paranormal, which I love.

I do not want to say too much, but want to say its written extremely well, and an awesome read. I didn’t want it to end.

I give this 5 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend.

I was given a copy of this book for my honest review.

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Chapter 1
Rho opened his eyes and tried to focus on the whitewashed brick wall to his right. His sense of time had become muddled, and he suspected that he’d lost some days altogether. Initially, he’d held on to a vague hope that he’d be able to mark time by the moon—which he occasionally glimpsed through the paper-thin curtains—but he soon understood that even that small endeavor was impossible. He was rarely conscious long enough to establish the time of day, and a bright morning could give way to the darkness of midnight in the blink of an eye. The sun slipped through the window during the day, but in the pitch black of night the only light emanated from the vitals monitor and the dials on his IV. As his eyes followed the small tube that ran down from the IV bag to the needle that pierced his right arm, he noticed that the white wall was splashed with vivid magenta and tangerine hues. At least he could be certain that it was morning.
All his life, Rho had prided himself on his powers of recollection. Now, any observations he’d made were difficult to remember. He tried to go over what he knew. Every time he awoke he was lying in this small room, and the soreness of disuse was creeping into his muscles and joints. As far as he could tell, he hadn’t been moved from the bed. His mouth was dry, and he hadn’t had anything to eat or drink. He’d been here for what he considered a long time—far too long to stay alive without eating or drinking—and he realized that the IV bag must contain nutrients and a very strong sedative. Two-man teams sometimes unintentionally roused him when they were checking his vitals and replacing the IV bag. And based on the colors on the walls and the slant of the light, it seemed that they only appeared at sunrise and sunset.
Rho looked over at his left arm. His port was connected to tubes running to and from an extraction machine. The machine whizzed periodically, sounding as harmless as a hair dryer, but Rho knew better. He’d heard about others being drained to death. It wouldn’t be the strong sedative or foggy reality that would end him. The greedy extraction machine that siphoned the Lucid from his blood was the real threat.
Lucid was the street name for the complex hormone scientifically known as Lucidin. It had quickly come to define Rho’s life, and it was why he’d been captured in the first place. Lucid makes controlling autonomic functions—such as heart rate and blood pressure—as easy as controlling breathing. But that was just one of the properties that made it so coveted. Lucid was a weapon as much as anything else, and Rho knew it could be his salvation…as long as they didn’t take every last drop of it from him.
Yesterday, they’d extracted too fast and Rho’s body had given up its fight to live. Death claimed him, but only for a minute. His captors brought him back to life with an electric jolt from a defibrillator. Rho’s death was unpleasant but quiet, and he thought that if his jailors had any respect for him at all they would’ve let him die. He’d heard one of the men—presumably a doctor—conclude in a gravelly voice that if they were going to preserve him for a while longer they’d have to drain him more slowly and reduce his dose of sedative. Like an elephant hunted for its tusks, he was going to die because of his captors’ insatiable need for Lucid.
The decision to slow extraction and reduce the sedative afforded Rho extended moments of alertness—and a small reserve of Lucidin. He turned his head to the vitals monitor. A little heart in the corner was blinking in rhythm with his heartbeat while a line graph displayed the peaks and dips. Two numbers divided by a line showed his blood pressure. Utilizing the Lucid that the extraction machine had yet to rob him of, Rho lowered his heartbeat and blood pressure. His goal was to keep his vitals hovering just above unconsciousness until the morning team had come and gone. This gave him something to focus on besides the past, the dismal-looking future, and his growing concern that his brothers would suffer the same wretched fate.
A two-man team arrived just as the sunrise was giving way to a sunny, cloudless day. The doctor looked at the readout of Rho’s vitals, and the other man walked over to the extraction machine.
“Damn! He’s doing worse,” announced the doctor in his gravelly voice. “We’ll have to slow the extraction and reduce his sedative a bit more.”
“What? Are you serious?” screeched the assistant. Lowering his voice, he said, “We already did that yesterday.”
“Yes, we did. But if we don’t do it again we could lose him…too soon.”
“I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. No, I don’t,” said the assistant as he removed the vials of Lucidin from the extraction machine and delicately placed them in a case.
“He can’t harm us when he’s in this state,” the doctor assured him. “Anyway, the longer we keep him alive, the richer we’ll be. You like that don’t you?”
“Fine, if you insist. I’ll do it,” agreed the assistant.
Rho felt a pang of joy—his plan was working. He had to concentrate to keep his heart from kicking up a notch. After replacing the IV bag and adjusting the extraction machine, the men left.
Rho took a long breath and sighed with relief. Unlike most prisons, his had no bars or locked gates. The drugs and fatigue were enough to trap him in his own body—but not for much longer. He would make his escape today. His captors were unlikely to lower the extraction and sedative dose any more than they just had, so he had to make his move. He would do it tonight, when the second team came to check on him.
Today was the first day in a long time that he was aware of each and every moment. He darted his eyes across the room. A small seagull was preening itself on the windowsill. One of the guards had once asked why there weren’t bars on the window. The answer was that the drop would likely kill Rho, and even if he survived the current would pull him under. Occasionally he’d heard people speaking in French, and he figured that he must be somewhere along the French coast.
Knowing that he could die while making his escape, he savored the hours. Part of him wanted to reflect on his life, but he pushed those thoughts out of his mind as soon as they arose. Those thoughts too closely resembled grieving, and he wasn’t about to grieve the life that he was fighting to save….
The sunset was particularly beautiful. Mauve and azure hues playfully painted his room, as though Mother Nature wasn’t aware of the suffering he endured. Maybe she was aware of his suffering—and glad to see it. After all, he was an affront to her.
Rho heard voices as the evening pair opened the door to his room. Of all the teams, Rho was most familiar with this one. These two talked the most, and the young man had once taken a phone call in the room, but he was swiftly reprimanded by the old man. The young, unsure little attendant asked a lot of questions, and although the old man seemed to be aggravated by his companion’s inquires, he always answered.
“The morning crew said he was doing poorly,” the old man said in a sure, deep voice.
“They turned down the machine again. He’s not giving us as much Lucid,” noted the young man as he retrieved the vials.
“From the look of his vitals, he’ll only last a few more days.”
“He’s going to die, isn’t he?” asked the young man. Despite his current job, he wasn’t the heartless kind.
“The world will be better off. He’s dangerous. They’re monsters…all of them. Don’t let his angelic looks fool you. He’s the devil.”
Rho wasn’t sure if the last part was true, but the part about him being dangerous certainly was.
The young man put away the vials of Lucidin. He was clearly troubled by Rho’s situation, and he didn’t respond to the comment. As he leaned over to change Rho’s catheter bag, Rho jerked, causing urine to spill out.
“Oops!” exclaimed the young man.
“You need to be less clumsy,” the old man scolded.
“It’s all over the place. I’ll have to clean him up.”
“Yes, you will!” barked the old man as he walked around the bed and unfastened the leather restraints that bound Rho’s arms and legs. “Get fresh sheets and clothes out of the hall closet…and a sponge and soap,” he yelled as the young man hurried out of the room.
The old man disconnected Rho from the vitals monitor and extraction machine and began to undress him. This was the opportunity Rho’d been waiting for. He didn’t need a machine to sense the old man’s heart. It had a stent and it wasn’t strong—not that it mattered. Rho willed it to stop. The old man grasped at his chest, giving Rho a haunted look. A moment later, he fell dead to the floor.
The young man dropped everything as he stepped inside the room. Without giving Rho much thought, he mumbled a curse under his breath and rushed over to position the old man for CPR. Rho knew that the young man was strong and stressed. His lungs were taking in deep breaths…until Rho stopped them from contracting. The effect was akin to drowning on dry land—like a fish left to flounder in the sun—and he was soon slumped over the old man. It was unpleasant for him, but unlike the old man, he would live.

Rho struggled to sit up. His muscles had atrophied from lack of use. Crawling out of the bed was painful, but he managed to get the phone from the young man’s pocket. He sent a text message and then quickly deleted it before return the phone to its pocket. Rho whispered a prayer, even though he wasn’t sure if people like him deserved a God. Then he pulled himself over to the window, opened it, and jumped.

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Can ghosts be destroyed?


Can ghosts "die"/be destroyed? I'm not well-versed in ghost stuff, but this is a thought I had.

I was thinking about far in the future, when the sun explodes and evaporates the Earth. What happens to ghosts then?

I always thought ghosts were tethered to the Earth. Whether that's true or not, what happens to all the ghosts when the Earth is no longer here?

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Weird things happened after the birth of my baby.


I experienced weird things after i gave birth to my baby girl, last year. So, without diving into too much details, i had a c-section and it went very bad. I nearly died because the anesthesia didn't work and they started "cutting me open" and i could feel everything. I went into choc and they put me into general anesthesia which didn't last long as i woke up in the middle of the operation while they were sewing me like a doll. I woke up hours afterwards thinking i was dead. I saw nothing during that experience, only darkness and cold. After three days at the hospital, i went to my in laws' house because mine was not yet ready for me and my baby. The first night there, i had a terrible nightmare were i was walking into a staircase and there were lots of people standing . I just saw their backs but in was hearing whispers around me saying: "it's coming, it's coming". At that moment i heard a scary sound, like horns and all the people turned towards me, their eyes and mouths were black, empty and the scary sound of horns was coming from them. I woke up covered with sweat and my heart nearly bursting out of my chest. Then the next days, i felt watched during nights , and then one day, i was walking with my baby, through the main hall of the house and i suddenly saw a huge shadow, in the sitting room, just behind the glassdoor. I got so scared that i ran to my room. It felt dark and the atmosphere was suffocating like it was absorbing all light around it. My mother came to help me with my baby a week after. She also saw a huge shadow at night, just at the entrance of her room. She was so scared that she came into my room and remained there , sleepless until morning.

I am really wondering what was that? Can anyone help me?

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Farewell for Now


Hey guys, some of you may have noticed that I haven’t posted on the blog in a while? Well, I’ve decided that for the time being, I’m going to give it up. I want to read what I want to read, when I want, and review only if I want to, and not feel under pressure to be getting certain books read and reviewed. So, obviously, I’ll also be giving up requesting titles. 

But I’ll still be around. I’ll be on Goodreads of course. And I’ve made a new Facebook page where I plan to write reviews (if I feel like it), and post other bookish stuff, so if you want to stop by and like the page it’s called Paranormal Pages. And I’m still on Twitter 🙂

Look forward to seeing you guys around elsewhere. 

Take care 😀

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New Expedition to Sumatra


The search for Orang Pendek continues… The Center for Fortean Zoology has organized another expedition to Sumatra in search of the famed Orang Pendek, a short, powerful, bipedal hominoid, sightings of which have been reported for centuries by the indigenous people of the Sumatran rain forests. Here is the information given to me by expedition leader and cryptid researcher Adam Davies: “We leave Friday, September 9, 20011 and will return on the 25th of September, late night. I will be leading the expedition, which is entitled The CFZ Sumatra Expedition 2011. There will be two teams to maximise our chances […]

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I think my mom was cursed?


My mom told me this story a few years ago and she promises its 100% true

When my mom was around 10 or 11, she was getting bullied by this boy so one day she choose to stand up for herself and fight back, well the boy was bullying her and my mom fought back and they both got in trouble but my mom had to apologize to the little boy and his mother for some odd reason his mother got pulled into this? So she apologized to the little boy but my grandma wanted to take it a step further and make my mom and the little boy have like a little play date at his house, my mom didn't like it but she went anyway when she got to his house the little boy was no where to be seen but his mom was like "why don't you go down to the basement and he'll be down in a few minutes he's just getting his toys" my mom being 10 years old and not knowing better said ok and did what she was told but when she got to the basement she said that it smelled really weird and it was really dark but a few candles were lit and she also says that she might have seen like a dead animal or something in the middle of a circle, she didn't stick around to find out what happening so she ran for her life and left, a few months later the boy and his mother moved away and she never saw them again.

Jump to about a few months after all of that happened my mom and her friends were laughing and playing aroynd and talking about the boy and his mother and how creepy they were and what she saw, they didn't believe her and they kinda just brushed past that and started talking about the game blood mary, they all dared each other to do it so through out day they would say bloody Mary and be like " oh no you said it once, oh no you said it twice" well the day was over and my mom was getting ready for bed, she was brushing her teeth and looking in the mirror and she didnt believe in blood mary or witches or curses or anything so she was like yeah whatever and she did bloody mary, then she said all the lights in the bathroom turn off, she got scared and tried to leave but the bathroom door would open then she looked at the mirror and she said it looked kind of like the glass wasn't there but she could still see herself. Then she said behind her she started to see like this dark shadow appear and a hand trying to reach out and touch her, this is when she started to scream for her life and my grandma opened the door. My mom went to bed and never really told anyone about what she saw at the little boys house or what she saw in the bathroom.

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The Phoenix Born by Kaitlyn Davis #Review Tour ~ Read Excerpts~ Great #Fantasy Series with Dragons


Title: The Phoenix Born (A Dance of Dragons #3)
Author: Kaitlyn Davis
From bestselling author Kaitlyn Davis comes the final book in the thrilling A Dance of Dragons series—perfect for fans of Throne of Glass, Graceling, and Game of Thrones!

For the first time in a thousand years, the fire dragon has been awakened and Rhen is its rider. But after destroying the armies that threatened the city of Rayfort, Rhen is shown a vision in flames that changes everything. The shadow’s phantom armies are coming and the dragons are the only things that might stop them.

High in the castle at the top of the Gates, Jinji has learned something of her own. Janu, her long lost twin, is alive. And just as the spirit shares her body, the shadow shares his. In the blink of an eye, her quest for vengeance against the evil that killed her family has changed to one of protection. Because she knows that if Rhen learns the truth he will do what she cannot—end the shadow and end her brother in the process.

As the shadow grows more aggressive, Jinji and Rhen fight to find the rest of the dragon riders. But with time running out, they are forced to face the impossible decision between honor and love. Alliances are formed, promises are broken, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance…

The Phoenix Born Review
I really have enjoyed this series. I was very pleased at the way everything has wrapped up. I was pulled into the story right away and was hooked yet again.
I do not want to have spoilers, and this is book 3, so can’t say a whole lot. I will say its written extremely well, and you feel for the characters and what happens to them.

I liked the fantasy feel of the story, with the dragons and dragon riders. I was reminded of Eragon, which was a favorite movie and book, but only a little, just the dragon riders part. Anyway, I think this third book was my favorite of the 3. (I have not read the other books, novellas I think yet, I didn’t know about them but do not think they have to be read to enjoy the series)

Anyone who enjoys fantasy book, like Eragon, and Game of Thrones as the author said, and many others in the fantasy world.

I highly recommend this to anyone who likes fantasy.

I give this 5 out of 5 stars for sure. Amazing read!!

This review is also at Goodreads 
Purchase Links:
Information for the A Dance of Dragons: Series Starter Bundle!
A FREE ebook bundle which includes the prequel novella, The Golden Cage, and the first full-length novel, The Shadow Soul!
An ancient evil awakens.
Three unlikely heroes rise.
An age of myth is reborn.
Try the A DANCE OF DRAGONS Series Starter Bundle today! This bundle includes the prequel novella, The Golden Cage, as well as the first full-length novel, The Shadow Soul.

RAVE REVIEWS for The A Dance of Dragons Series!
“Gorgeous writing (spellbinding is a word that fits well here), creative and unique world and characters that steal your heart away, this is an unbelievably fantastic beginning to what is sure to be a new favorite series. I’m so eager for more!” – Candace’s Book Blog
The writing is flawless. The story and plot line, and plot twists, had me captivated and enamored for the first words. I couldn’t put this book down for anything, and I absolutely cannot wait for book two…It’s an amazing start to a new series that is going to have people of all ages wanting so much more.” – Happy Tails and Tales
One word to describe this book: intense! Everything from the battles, to the secrets, to the descriptions of the characters and scenery, are all incredibly intense. This book had me biting my nails, stomach tided in knots, and completely entranced til the last word.” – Desert Rose Reviews
Mind. BLOWN. Do you know that one book that made you love a certain genre again because it was so amazingly & beautifully written?? Well, The Golden Cage is the book that made me realize how good Fantasy can be.” – Spiced Latte Reads
The Shadow Soul was positively transportive, left me feeling refreshed, and renewed my faith in symbolism, imagery, and the importance of world building and cultural preservation…If you want to set out on a journey, read this.” – We Do Write
Author Information
Author Bio: 
Bestselling author Kaitlyn Davis writes young adult fantasy novels under the name Kaitlyn Davis and contemporary romance novels under the name Kay Marie. 
Always blessed with an overactive imagination, Kaitlyn has been writing ever since she picked up her first crayon and is overjoyed to share her work with the world. When she’s not daydreaming, typing stories, or getting lost in fictional worlds, Kaitlyn can be found indulging in some puppy videos, watching a little too much television, or spending time with her family. If you have any questions for her–about her books, about scheduling an event, or just in general–you may contact her at: KaitlynDavisBooks@gmail.com
To stay up-to-date with all of Kaitlyn’s new releases, sign up for her new release newsletter here: TinyLetter.com/KaitlynDavisBooks
Author Links:
Two Excerpts: One is from The Shadow Soul and one is from the new book, The Phoenix Born!
The Shadow Soul – Chapter 7
When Jinji neared the cage, Rhen grasped her arms, lifting her free of the rope and pulling her safely into the wooden basket. She panted for a moment, regained her depleted strength, and took in the view.
For miles and miles in every direction, a stark and sparkling blue.
She tried to stand, but the rocking of the ship was magnified with their height, and it seemed to tip almost sideways with every other breath. Her legs wobbled, and then she dropped back to the floor.
“Stay seated,” Rhen said, pushing down just slightly on her shoulder when she tried to lift herself up for the second time. He sat too, sighing as he dangled his feet over the edge and leaned back into the railing. His large frame took up over half of the small space.
Their arms touched from shoulder to elbow, causing a heat to rise under her skin. Jinji grabbed her legs, pulling them into her chest and shifting her weight, careful not to touch his body anymore. It was too intimate, she realized, after spending so many hours locked in the same room as him. There had to be a distance between them, otherwise she might slip up, might forget that she was supposed to be a boy, that she was supposed to be lying. He might notice that though her face was that of a male, her body was not. The baggy clothes hid it well, but in these close quarters, she had to be careful.
No matter how many times he taunted her, Rhen had come to be a friend, and she would not mess that up, not yet.
“This is one of my favorite spots on the ship,” he said, eyes still closed in relaxation, “though many wouldn’t say the same. It’s considered a punishment to be put up here, because of all the movement, but I’ve always found it very peaceful, very liberating.”
Feeling her stomach unsettle slowly, Jinji might have agreed with the others, but there was something oddly comforting in her mood and oddly settled too.
“This was where I came to escape the castle and my father and mostly my responsibilities. Even if I was only on the dock, still stuck in Rayfort, I seemed miles away on top of this ship.”
He opened his eyes slowly. The wind rustled his red hair, forcing it to spill over his forehead. Jinji wondered if her own short hair was doing the same, without her braid to keep it still and steady. Just the other night she had borrowed Rhen’s knife to cut it short again, not ready to stop her mourning period—not even close.
“Do you have a place like that?”
Jinji closed her eyes tight, fighting back the water gathering there.
The clearing.
The meadow.
It used to be her spot, but all she saw now was Leoa, tying her braid, pulling over her joining dress. Both of them giggling, completely ignorant to the cries of their people, to the children and the women, to the warriors, to her parents. Even to Maniuk, singled out by the shadow for his strength and his skill—used and discarded.
All she heard now was the blood-curdling scream that cracked her spirit in half, the pounding of her footsteps, the soft thud of a body as it fell to the ground.
“No,” was all she said. No, she didn’t have a safe place like that, not anymore.
“It will get better,” Rhen said. Jinji wouldn’t look at him, but instead focused on the far away horizon. “I know it doesn’t seem like it, but it will.”
He took a deep breath, cracked his knuckles. Jinji almost heard the words waiting on his lips, could feel them press against his tongue wanting to come out. The air was static, electric from his pounding heart, his pulsing nerves.
And then it all stopped.
“I had a younger brother once,” Rhen confessed, his words heavy with an emotion that was mirrored by Jinji’s wounded soul. “He was barely a year old when he was murdered by the man my father trusted most in the world. And I could have stopped it, if I had only understood what—” His voice shook, wavered on an edge. “I found papers that held evidence the murder was going to take place, but I was too young to understand what they meant, too naïve to know what I had found. And for that, my brother paid the price.” He turned, met her stare with eyes a deep dark green, like the forest at twilight. “I know what it means to lose someone, but I also know that though the pain will never fully fade, eventually you will be able to endure it.”
Jinji didn’t know what to say, so she said nothing at all. Silence was the better option. Silence let the words sink in, let their truth ring, let her realize that Rhen had allowed her a peek at a place within himself that he didn’t show to everyone—that he did not even show to most people.
Jinji opened her mouth, aching to tell her own story, but her throat closed up, stealing the sound from her voice.
She trusted him, after all he had done for her, Jinji trusted Rhen. But trusting someone was one thing, and opening herself up to him, making herself vulnerable to be hurt again, that was something else entirely. Rhen might have been willing, but it was only because he didn’t know that in the end, he would just be wounded—by her lie if he ever found out the truth or by her leaving without a word of goodbye.
And Jinji couldn’t handle any more pain. 
“Thank you,” she said quietly, instantly regretting it. Rhen blinked once, but once was all it took for his gaze to unglaze and his features to retreat, to harden. One blink was all it took for him to shut himself off again.
The Phoenix Born – Chapter 10
Jinji stopped him by grabbing his cheeks and pulling his face against hers, kissing him urgently. Rhen tried to pull away, to understand why she wasn’t thrilled by the news, but her hands traveled to the back of his neck, grip tight, and he couldn’t break her hold. Her lips moved fast against his, pleading with him silently. Everything about her was desperately trying to hold on to the moment, to stop time, as though she were drowning and the air from his lungs was the only thing that might save her, as though he were her tether to life.
Rhen wanted to give in. More than anything, he wanted to melt beneath her touch and forget the world, to kiss her until the sun rose the next morning, and even then maybe not stop. He could so easily get lost in the fire of her touch, the silkiness of her skin.
But he couldn’t let himself.
The woman he loved was in pain.
Her kiss wasn’t full of passion. It was full of dread. Rhen sensed the dark taste on his tongue.
“Jin,” he mumbled against her lips.
But she didn’t stop.
Rhen reached back, unlatching her fingers, pulling her forcibly away from him, finding her eyes. “Jin?”
And with that word, she couldn’t avoid what was in her heart any longer. A tear rolled down her cheek, and she gave in, collapsing against him as her body racked with sobs. The moans came from a dark place within her, ripping their way up her throat, making him wince at the sound.
Rhen wanted to demand answers.
He wanted to force her to explain, to let him in, to tell him what had her so distraught.
But he didn’t.
He just held her, kissing her forehead and rubbing her back. Not questioning. Not demanding. There would be time for answers later. Right now, Jinji needed a shoulder to cry on and nothing more. He gave that to her, embracing her until sleep claimed them both.
Inspiration Board for A Dance of Dragons!
A snapshot of my inspiration board for A Dance of Dragons—just a little taste of the characters, settings, and mood of the series! To see all of the images and for original sources, please check out the board on Pinterest!

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Waverly Hills Sanatorium


One of Americas most haunted locations is arguably Waverly Hills Sanatorium with numerous reports of paranormal activity. You just have to look at the building to start getting a sense of someone looking at you, its as if Waverly Hills was planned and built for a movie or TV show – but nope, its real and the horrifying stories are all real too.

Waverly Hills is located in Louisville Jefferson, Kentucky and opened its doors in 1910. The reason for the hospital being built was because like most of America Jefferson was in the middle of a Tuberculosis outbreak as its existing infrastructure wasn’t suitable for the numbers of patients. Originally Waverly Hills was just big enough to treat 50 patients and the building was a 2 story wooden structure. The building we all know as Waverly Hills was opened in 1924 due to increasing repairs and the requirement of a larger hospital.

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium Haunting

Waverly Hills like a lot of older building looks intimidating and it certainly wouldn’t look out of place in a horror movie, but is it actually haunted? Well the locals and paranormal community seem to think it is. There are a lot of different stories and reports about Waverly Hills and we have some of the best stories below.

Room 502

Waverly Hills Sanatorium Room 502One of the really infamous reports is about room 502, there have been a lot of reported activity in and around the room. One of the suspected reasons for room 502 being haunted is that a nurse, Mary Hillenburg, was actually found hanged in the door way of room 502 in 1928. The hanging was considered to be a suicide as she had become pregnant and wasn’t married at the time. There is a rumor that a owner of the hospital was the father, but he was already married. Further to that the story goes that he tried to abort the child but killed Mary by accident and in an attempt to cover his tracks made it look like she had hanged herself.

In 1932 it was reported that another nurse took her own life by jumping from the window of the room she worked in, room 502. There was no suggestions for why she killed herself but there was a rumor someone had in fact pushed her from the window.

The Body Chute

Waverly Hills Sanatorium is located at the top of a hill and for ease of getting supplies into the building a tunnel was build which lead to train tracks. During the Tuberculosis outbreak though this tunnel was used to transport the bodies of dead patients out of the hospital. It sounds terrible that any hospital would even consider this but with the amounts of Tuberculosis related deaths increasing patients were originally able to see and watch dead bodies leave the hospital. This lead to high levels of depression and anxiety which in turn made the death rates increase. So in a big to help patients mental health the hospital decided to transport bodies whereby patients were unable to see them.

This tunnel became known as the Waverly Hills body chute. The tunnel is said to be haunted with reports telling of shadows, voices and noises coming from the tunnel. There are many photos taken in the tunnel its self which show both unexplained shadows and spirit orbs.

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The Stanley Hotel


Built at the start of the 1900s by Freelan Oscar Stanley, the Stanley Hotel would become both an iconic hotel for movie fans and paranormal investigators and ghost hunters. Stanley moved to Colorado in 1903 with his wife Flora because his doctor had instructed him to get fresher mountain air for the tuberculosis that he was suffering from. He had been given only 6 months to live. When Stanley moved to the area his health improved.

Real “The Shining” Haunting Story

The Stanley hotel was of course the shooting location for The Shinning and you would be forgiven in thinking that is where the paranormal stories stem from, well they don’t.

Stephen King didn’t actually write the book while staying at The Stanley Hotel, this is a well known misconception, but he did have direct influences from the hotel that he picked up when he stayed at the hotel before. Stephen King has been trying to write a story about a Haunted Amusement park but his close friends who he confided early drafts to told him they didn’t like the story. With this King decided to put that story on the back burner and refocus his attention.

King and his wife, Tabitha, went travelling through the Estes Park and the Rock Mountains when they came across a closed road due to bad weather at the time. While turning back they decided to seek shelter and stayed at The Stanley Hotel. It is said that King experienced some paranormal or strange events when staying there which eventually resulted in writing of The Shinning.

Is The Stanley Hotel Haunted?

Over the years there have been many well known and heavily respected people that have stayed at The Stanley hotel and a lot of these people have also commented on a presence or sighting which they couldn’t explain. Ghosts have been reported to walk the halls and even haunt specific rooms, one ghost in particular is the ghost of Freelan Oscar Stanley himself! It has been reported that his ghost has been seen walking around the lobby and Billiard rooms, these happened to be his favourite rooms when he was living.

Freelan Oscar Stanley has also been seen walking through the bar and walking straight into the kitchen before disappearing.

Flora Stanley’s ghost has also been sighted often in The Stanley hotel. When she was living she would spend time entertaining hotel guests in the ballroom by playing piano for them – apparently to this day you can see her in the room and playing piano, not to mention a few reports of the piano actually being played!

The Stanley Hotel is clearly not just any old haunted place in america, it has history, paranormal stories and even photos of ghosts.

Which Hotel Rooms Are Haunted?

There are a few guest rooms throughout the hotel which have been reported to be haunted, one being room 407. Lord Dunraven is a ghost which has been reported on more than one occasion. It is said that he stands in the corner of room 407 closest to the bathroom and occasionally the lights will turn on and off.

The room with the most amount of paranormal activity is arguably room 418. According to reports the ghosts within that room are mostly children. The hotel cleaning staff have been known to report strange sounds coming from the room when it was known to be empty and imprints of someone laying on or in the bed when no one had stayed in the bed the night before. Many of the rooms guests have commented on the sound of children playing at night and some have even complained about the noise only to find out there are in fact no children in the hotel at the time.

There is a story about the room Stephen King stayed in, room 217. The room had a horrific accident around 1911 whereby the house keeper, Elizabeth Wilson was almost killed becuase of a gas leak explosion in that very room. She did survive the accident. Since the passing of Elizabeth Wilson in the 1950s the room  is said to be haunted. Guests have reported and commented on there suitcases being moved, cleaned up or even packed and ready for checking out of the hotel.

The Hotel’s tour guides tell a story of a ghost child being spotted by staff members and some guests, it is said that Stephen King saw this child on the second floor of the hotel. The child was apparently calling for his nanny.

The Stanley Hotel Ghost Picture

There are a lot of reports and paranormal experiences to talk about with regards to The Stanley Hotel but one of the stories comes with a photo. A tourist was on the ghost tour of the hotel and while taking photos of the outside of the hotel snapped the photo below. Knowing of the connection between the ghost reports and children on the hotel the:

“The room number is 1211. Last Friday, there was a single man checked in that room who was part of a business conference. That doesn’t mean he didn’t have a child with him, but it is unlikely that he did.”

The Stanley Hotel Ghost Proof

The Stanley Hotel Ghost Proof?

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