Weird things happened after the birth of my baby.

I experienced weird things after i gave birth to my baby girl, last year. So, without diving into too much details, i had a c-section and it went very bad. I nearly died because the anesthesia didn't work and they started "cutting me open" and i could feel everything. I went into choc and they put me into general anesthesia which didn't last long as i woke up in the middle of the operation while they were sewing me like a doll. I woke up hours afterwards thinking i was dead. I saw nothing during that experience, only darkness and cold. After three days at the hospital, i went to my in laws' house because mine was not yet ready for me and my baby. The first night there, i had a terrible nightmare were i was walking into a staircase and there were lots of people standing . I just saw their backs but in was hearing whispers around me saying: "it's coming, it's coming". At that moment i heard a scary sound, like horns and all the people turned towards me, their eyes and mouths were black, empty and the scary sound of horns was coming from them. I woke up covered with sweat and my heart nearly bursting out of my chest. Then the next days, i felt watched during nights , and then one day, i was walking with my baby, through the main hall of the house and i suddenly saw a huge shadow, in the sitting room, just behind the glassdoor. I got so scared that i ran to my room. It felt dark and the atmosphere was suffocating like it was absorbing all light around it. My mother came to help me with my baby a week after. She also saw a huge shadow at night, just at the entrance of her room. She was so scared that she came into my room and remained there , sleepless until morning.

I am really wondering what was that? Can anyone help me?

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