Friends reno seems to be haunted

My friend (along with another friend and her father) recently moved into a duplex owned by a family member. Deal was they pay minimal rent if theg fixed the place up. I have not been to this place but my understanding it was pretty bare bones and theyre now getting to putting up drywall.

This is the second night in a row their table fan fell off the table while everyone was in bed. Tonight it landed as if it had been placed on the chair next to the table.

Important information: They do not have any pets, The table is across the room so is not being bumped, The fan was placed in the center of the table with atleast 3" of table on all sides, The fan was plugged in and on facing the bed, The fan does not seem to be damaged and does not vibrate or shake, All household members were acounted for as in bed, No sign of pests or rodents in the house,

She really wants a non paranormal explanation but im not seeing any. Ideas or help would be greatly appreciated, just ask if more info is needed

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