Scary new stepmom (long text)

Hello. Before writing, I want to make clear that this is only a theory, not an accusation. My father got divorced 7 years ago. He has been in like 3 or 4 relationships since that, and they always ended badly, even with my grandmother's jewelry stolen (she lives with us). Last year, my dad met a childhood friend (who I´ll call Lisa), with whom he got married a year later (very very soon, I already told him). Lisa has a 6 year old child who is very impolite, he often shouts to his mom and breaks my sister´s stuff, like if he had hyperactivity. Lisa moved to our city and her mother too. Her mother stayed in the house where we lived a year ago, and we moved to a new one with my, obviously, my grandma. Since that I´ve been experiencing strange things. I always talk with my aunt about her, because it has been a year since my dad doesn´t talk to any of her sisters due an argument they had with Lisa, in which their kids fought. She told me that the city where Lisa is from knows her as a gold digger, even one very good childhood of my father told us about this and he warned my father. My father also changed the name of a property from his to Lisa´s, which also makes me doubt. Other trusted people from Lisa´s city (Melilla, spanish city in the north coast of Morocco) told my aunt that Lisa´s mother is into witchcraft. This could only be theories, until 2 days ago I woke up with my grandma calling me. She told me that Lisa had a chat with her, and she told her that she had a friend in Madrid (the city where I live with my family) who plays cards and is around her mom´s name. Casually, that person has a very good relationship with Lisa´s mom. My grandma told me that Lisa´s mom installed cameras in his home, something very strange cause we are talking about flats and not big houses. I was a bit shocked, so taking advantage that nobody was at home except me and my grandma, I came into my father and Lisa´s room and started looking into the closets. I only found clothes but looking deeper I found some small sewing boxes. One had a lock and another a key, surrounded by small ash shavings. I called my grandma and when she saw that she started praying. I opened the sewing box and I just found sewing materials. I then opened a little chest that is next to their double bed, which had clothes inside. When I looked through them I saw some kind of small, aztec or african mask make of wood, which I placed on the bedside table. My grandma passed a rosary over it, asking for help. I was so confused. Then we put everything in its original position to remove evidence. That´s everything I know. My grandma recently told me that my sister saw some strange bottles in Lisa´s mother home. I just don´t know what to think, my father is absorbed with that woman, and with that I mean TOTALLY absorbed. He also complains that his stomach and heart hurts a lot lately, and my father has nothing related to something related to the stomach in his medical history. Also we had a venezolan maid who helped my grandma when she was sick, and since she talked with my aunt, Lisa got rid of her and fired her. She contracted an arabian maid which has a good relationship with Lisa´s mother, and my grandma told me once that if she dies naturally, she wants me to ask for an autopsy. What do you think? Is someone playing with my father´s head or is it a work of witchcraft? This is 100% not fake, I swear God.

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