The Surprising Rescue of Harrison OkeneIn May, a tugboat with a…

The Surprising Rescue of Harrison Okene

In May, a tugboat with a crew of 12 was moving through choppy waters off the coast of Nigeria. The boat was towing an oil tanker when a sudden ocean swell or rogue wave slammed into the vessel, snapping the tow rope and capsizing the vessel at about 4:30 a.m. The ship eventually sunk down about 100 feet (30 meters).

After 3 days a diving crew was sent down to recover bodies when all of a sudden one of the diver’s shot back when a hand grabbed him. The diver was startled since that’s not exactly what he was expecting 100 ft down in the dark ocean. One of the crew members of the ship, Harrison Okene (cook), had survived for 60 hours. He had found an air pocket and waited to be rescued. He said that as listened to the sounds of sharks or other fish devouring the bodies of his crewmates, he began to lose hope. As the oxygen began to deplete, he was relieved to hear the sound of the rescuers and he waited to grab the hand of one of the divers as he approached the part of the boat he was trapped in. 


SOURCE (more detail/science behind how he survived) 

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