Denver Airport installs a talking gargoyle that says “Welcome to the Illuminati Headquarters, I mean, Denver International Airport!”

Denver International Airport has installed a brand new animatronic speaking gargoyle statue that is making fun of this “conspiracy theories” concerning the airport. Since you can see in this video, the animatronic statue is extremely lifelike, and it must have cost a fortune to create. The airport asserts that the aim is to get more people to travel through Denver, however the truth is that when you’re booking a flight there really isn’t much choice. Denver is one of the major hubs for air traffic, and I have changed plans there countless times. Nobody is going to add extra time to their flight plans just to undergo Denver if they don’t have to achieve that. In the long run, this type of a promotion is extremely humorous, but it isn’t likely to change consumer behaviour. Is there something else happening? Can it be possible that they’re attempting to use humor to mask what is really going on at the airport?

Obviously, lots of travelers are completely stunned if this gargoyle statue suddenly comes to life and starts chatting with them. The next comes in Fox News

On Thursday, reps for DEN introduced the chatty monster, perched in the home terminal, in honor of the airport 24th year in operation, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The airport shared video footage of the eloquent gargoyle unexpected passersby into YouTube, where it has since gone viral with over 70,000 views.

“Welcome into the Illuminati Headquarters, ” I suggest, Denver International Airport!” That the exclaims.

“You know, it is possible to actually put the phone down and have a dialogue with me,” the monster — which claims to become 243 years older — chides that a”millennial” on their cell phone.

The video today has well over 200,000 views and if you have not seen it yet it’s possible to find it appropriate here.

As humorous as that speaking gargoyle is, let us not forget that there are a number of legitimate mysteries surrounding this particular airport. The following comes from an article by Stefan Stanford

While the whole island of Manhattan, among the most densely populated cities within the country and house to over 1.6 million people, sits on 22.82 square miles of property, the Denver International Airport itself is much far over double the size of Manhattan island at 54.05 square miles. In Reality, since the Denver Channel reports, ” the DIA is also bigger than the cities of San Francisco and Miami too. That size only for an airport?

Easily the largest airport in America and by far, dwarfing its nearest competition at Chicago’s O’Hare, Atlanta’s Hartsfield and New York’s JFK by some 25,000 acres, DIA has also long been from the people’s attention as possibly being much more than just an airport.

Presenting swastika formed runways, apocalyptic, end-of-the-world artwork throughout the airport, infamous construction problems which delayed the opening of the airport for many decades, gargoyles sitting inside suitcases across the walls along with the darkened blue horse that sits out the airport nicknamed’Blucifer’ due to its haunting red eye, which’piece of art’ actually dropped upon and murdered the artist who was creating it being only a number of the most incredibly strange things and events surrounding this airport.

And as this October of 2016 narrative over at the Denver Post reports, as a result of mysterious time capsule’capstone’ that sits at the airport that references a”New World Airport Commission”, something that does not even exist, the mystery surrounding the airport continues to grow.

On top of everything else they’ve given us a speaking gargoyle.

I don’t understand if we’ll actually receive the full facts about Denver International Airport, but there are valid questions which need to be replied, and right now all they’re providing us is humorous distractions.

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Michael Snyder: “Last Night I Had A Prophetic Dream About World War 3”

Lately , I felt specifically instructed to buy a notebook and place it with my bed in order to record any dreams or visions I could have at nighttime.  From a really early age I have had strange visions , but up until today I haven’t ever spoke about them openly quite much.  I went and bought the notebook, but at first nothing happened.  1 week went by, then another week went by, and I was starting to wonder if the notebook would be put to utilize some time soon.

But then recently I had a prophetic dream about a potential military conflict.  As soon as I awoke I caught the laptop and a pen and I began to write down the material of this dream.  This is precisely what I wrote…


In my dream I was part of a device.  I don’t know for sure that it was an American device, but that was my opinion.  We had been in military uniforms and we were heavily armed.  We were traveling through extremely rocky terrain, and we got to a stage at which there were really jagged stones on each side of a lake.  Asian troops were on the opposing side of this river, but in my dream their particular nationality was not suggested.

I feel it had been our side which initiated the shooting, but the Asian troops began firing back with lethal efficiency.  I could visit troops on our side being struck.  Subsequently my perspective changed and somehow I could view more Asian troops flying up the river at a very impressive speed.  I was stunned at how quickly they were swimming, and that I had the belief they were extremely well educated.  They emerged out of the water simultaneously, and at the exact same moment that the Asian troops on the opposite side of the river began to progress.

Our troops were overwhelmed, and those who lived began to escape.  In the dream I was an excellent runner, and that I started running away from the struggle at high rate.  At one point a couple people looked back to find out if we can regroup at a brand new position and continue the struggle, but it was hopeless.  There were many Asian troops.

So I started running , and I had been carrying the jacket of one of my comrades.  He had also escaped, but I’d gotten separated .  At one stage I laid it down from the trail, and also in my dream I had been expecting that he would come along and find it.

In my dream I could run better than the others, and that I finally lived and made it back to additional U.S. forces.  Or at least it had been my opinion they were U.S. drives.

I do know if anybody else from my original unit survived.  That’s the point where the fantasy ended.

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“Aliens ALREADY Exist On Earth” Confirms Top Leading Scientist!

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Closer To Reality: Scientific Attitudes On UFOs Part VIII

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